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Why pay through peerTransfer?

  • Eliminate hidden bank fees – ensure your institution receives the correct amount.
  • Save on exchange rates – in most cases you can make a payment in your home currency. peerTransfer will process the currency exchange – offering you wholesale exchange rates, unmatched by traditional banks.
  • Peace of mind – 24 hours multilingual customer support when you need it most. Know where your payment is in the bank transfer process.
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“All of the students have said that it’s so easy and we see the funds in our account a lot faster. I would definitely recommend using peerTransfer if you are looking to streamline your wire transfer process for international students and to save them money. The Student Accounts Office at SRU likes using peerTransfer because we no longer put our bank account information out there and it has simplified the reconciliation process.”

International Student Advisor, Slippery Rock University