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peerTransfer aims to provide the best price for international education payments. If you get a better price at your bank within 2 hours of booking a payment with peerTransfer, simply provide a proof of quote and fees. If the overall price is better we will match it and give you an extra $25 for your trouble.


  1. Best price guarantee is valid only for payments booked but not yet paid to peerTransfer.
  2. Ensure you are comparing rates within a 2 hour time frame. Market rates change constantly.
  3. Provide proof in the form of a bank document which includes the following:
    • Official bank rate with a date and time stamp. (Printouts from yahoo rates, google rates or similar mid-market informa- tion sources will not be accepted.)
    • Bank name and website.
    • Total price, including all fixed fees, for the same amount you booked with peerTransfer.


  1. Send bank quote to and include your peerTransfer payment ID with the email.
  2. Upon receipt, peerTransfer will review and determine Best Price Guarantee eligibility. A member of our support team will contact you with approval/denial and explanation. Please do not send your funds to peerTransfer before you receive an approval/denial email.
  3. If you qualify for the Best Price Guarantee please instruct your bank to send your payment in your home currency. Do not instruct your bank to pay at their quoted rate or in the school’s local currency. This may cause the payment to be delayed and/or incur additional costs.
  4. peerTransfer will deliver your additional $25 in the form of a $25 Amazon gift card.


  1. Valid only for the dollar amount request in your original submission.
  2. Valid for bank transfers (aka wires) initiated in person, online or over the phone. Not applicable for direct debit, real time checkout on our website or credit cards.
  3. Only applicable in foreign exchange transactions.
  4. Payment must be in the amount of $3,000.00 or more to receive the $25 gift card. Limit one reward per person per school semester.
  5. Limit one request open per payer at a time.

What customers are saying...

“Wow! This was so simple and convenient! And the exchange rate was far better than the one our bank offered. With large amounts, that adds up to great savings. I wish we could do all of our foreign exchange transactions through you. Thank you!”
Gail, parent of a Boston University student from South Africa