If you get a better price at your bank within 2 hours of booking a payment with us, just provide us a proof of the quote and fees and we will match it and give you an extra $25.00. Our mission is to save you money!

Now the details:

  1. Make sure you have booked a transaction with peerTransfer (so you have your payment ID), and that you haven’t sent the funds yet.

  2. Ensure you compare apples to apples and compare the prices at similar times, within a maximum 2 hours of difference. Market rates change instantly. If you are curious to learn more about how exchange rates work, take a peek here.

  3. Provide us with proof, such as a print out of an online bank quote or a bank document that includes the following:

    • Your bank’s official rate with the date and time you obtained it. This proof will need to be a transaction quote. A print out from yahoo rates, google rates, similar mid-market information sources or from your bank site home page will not be accepted

    • Your banks name or website (peerTransfer reserves the right to check the information with your bank)

    • The total price with your bank (including all fixed fees*) for the same amount you booked with peerTransfer.

    Please email the document to When you send the proof, don’t forget to tell us your peerTransfer payment ID!

  4. We will review the documents to determine if you meet the "Best Price Guarantee" criteria. Once awarded, a member of our staff will contact you via email. We usually are able to provide an answer in less than 1 business day. Only then, will you be able to send us the money at the awarded price. Please do not instruct your bank to send us the money until you receive a "Best Price Guarantee Confirmation Award" email. You will also be contacted if your "Best Price Guarantee" request has been rejected. peerTransfer will provide you with an explanation of why your request was unsuccessful.

  5. After you receive the "Best Price Guarantee Confirmation Award" you will need to instruct your bank to send us your payment in your home currency. Do not instruct your bank to make a payment at their quoted rate or the school's currency. This may cause the payment to be delayed and subject to additional costs.

  6. The "Best Price Guarantee" award will be cancelled if a different amount from the one instructed in the award email is sent.

  7. As a bonus, we will deliver your extra $25 reward online as a gift card once we receive your payment.

  8. This is only applicable to bank transfers (sometimes called wires) where you go to your bank either online, in-person or over the phone to initiate a payment to us. This is not applicable to direct debit, real time checkout on our website (for instance, but not limited to Alipay or Interac) or credit cards. This is also only applicable for currencies where we can collect the amount in your home currency and exchange it into your school's currency. That is, where we can perform the conversion.

  9. The $25 reward is only available for payments of $3,000 or more. Limit of redeeming one reward per person per school semester.

* This only applies for the countries where pT offers local accounts to send your funds: Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom and United States. For the rest of countries just a proof of your bank rate for the amount you booked with peerTransfer will be enough.

To keep our lawyers happy, we reserve the right not to apply this guarantee if we determine in our sole discretion that you do not meet any of the requirements of the guarantee program including, but not limited to meeting the time limit or the documentation requirement from a national bank. We also reserve the right to modify or terminate the guarantee program at any time without notice.

“Your service is really as good as you say: "SAFE, FAST, AND EASY"”
Yu, parent of an University of Illinois student from China