How it works

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Create a peerTransfer account on our site. Then enter your payment amount and the country you are paying from. Select your preferred currency and enter your payment details. Once complete, confirm and submit your booking. At any time you may access support by clicking the “live help” feature in the bottom right corner.

Transfer your funds to us

You have created your booking! Now, you must send your funds to peerTransfer. Your confirmation will include bank transfer instructions. Simply go to your bank and initiate a transfer to us in the currency you selected. You can monitor your payment at any time by logging into your account.

We'll take it from here

You did your part, we do the rest! When your funds arrive in our account, we'll convert them into the desired currency for immediate transfer. You will get a confirmation email and your school will have the payment sent to them. Both you and your school will have access to track the transaction at all times.

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“Good Experience. Very fast and very good exchange rate applied.”
University of Illinois student from Italy