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About Us

Flywire. Making the Journey Just A Little Bit Easier for International Students

The Flywire Story – Quick Snapshot

Flywire is the recognized leader in the processing of global tuition payments made by foreign students for international studies around the world. Started only four years ago, we now process payments on behalf of students from 200 countries and territories, attending 800+ colleges and universities worldwide. We’ve processed over $2 Billion in tuition payments since our founding.

The Flywire story starts with always putting our customers first. For students, we deliver a great online payment experience that is simple, transparent and 100% reliable. Students can pay in their home currency; Flywire performs foreign exchange conversions at rates that can offer significant savings vs. rates charged by banks in students’ home countries. For our educational clients, we simplify the business of accepting global tuition payments.

More schools and more international students have selected Flywire than any other payments company in the world, by far. We’re honored by their trust, and we work every day to earn an even higher grade.

The Flywire Story – The Complete Story

Flywire, formerly peerTransfer, was started by an international student who encountered difficulty each time he attempted to pay his U.S. tuition by wiring funds from his European bank account. Despite their best intentions, neither the founder nor his university could locate the funds – which, it turned out, were sitting in the institution’s bank account the whole time.

From this experience was born the business idea that is now Flywire. Once a company serving hundreds of international students attending a few dozen universities, Flywire is now the leading processor of international tuition payments around the world.

Our mission in serving students is simple: to provide the simplest, most reliable, transparent payment experience. Better said, our job is to take the uncertainty out of paying international tuition. We do this while performing currency conversions at rates that can save students significantly vs. rates charged by students’ home country banks. We’ll never stop seeking the best exchange rate possible – and we’ll always provide students with a choice of payment options (including bank transfer, credit/debit cards, online banking, etc.).

For our educational clients: we treat each institution as our most trusted business partner. It’s our job to take the hassle out of receiving international tuition payments – saving countless reconciliation hours, and making the business of higher education just a little bit less stressful.

Our focus on making international payments simple will never change. One day, perhaps, we hope the Flywire name stands for the way people make all of their large cross-border payments -- around the world.

Why Use Flywire?

  • We’re accepted by over 800 colleges, universities and other educational institutions – and the number is growing every day.
  • We offer currency conversion rates that can save students money when compared to rates offered by students’ home country banks.
  • We offer a payment experience that is safe, reliable, transparent, and easy-to-use.
  • We offer servicing the way students want it: via phone, chat or email.
  • Our online dashboard offers up-to-the-minute payment updates 24/7.
  • We work directly with educational institutions to ensure your payment is credited correctly, on a timely basis. We make payments easy for educators – so students don’t have to worry.

Helping Students Begin The Journey

Our mission is to give you an amazing payment experience that gets you started on your international education journey with ease. Moving to a new country, to a new educational institution, is never easy. Flywire wants to ensure that you focus only on the important things – like your education, making friends, and learning a new culture – not whether your money got there on time.

What customers are saying...

“I was worried that my payment couldn't get to the school on time, but peerTransfer made it happen! Cost effective, efficient and fast! peerTransfer is definitely a keeper.”
Raymond, Lewis and Clark College student from Jamaica